Monday, October 28, 2013

✰__Facebook Massive Follower Service__✰

by # snsherafieizuan.

Open Price. Limited. Only for interest people to buy. 
Cheap Price for Blast Facebook Followers via List.
Malaysia buyers via Local Bank-in/ATM (RM).
International buyers via Paypal (USDollar).

Your Followers Info Will be updated by Facebook within 48 + hours from the time we proceed.

6,000 + followers. Delivered within 2 days.

RM10 (Malaysia) OR
USD $ 3 Paypal (International).

8,000 + followers. Delivered within 2 days.

- RM15 (Malaysia) OR.
- USD $ 5 Paypal (International).

16,000 + followers. Delivered within 2 days.

- RM30 (Malaysia) OR.
- USD $ 10 Paypal (International). 

21,000 + followers. Delivered within 2 days.

- RM50 (Malaysia) OR.
- USD $ 15 Paypal (International).

50,000 + followers. Delivered within 4 days.

RM100 (Malaysia) OR.
- USD $ 30 Paypal (International).

170,000 + followers. Delivered within 5 days. (More or less, limited edition.).

- RM150 (Malaysia) OR.
- USD $ 50 Paypal (International).

Price not negotiable since the followers increase everyday. 
Will refund if the followers not delivered within the days mentioned.
NO refund after you get the followers. Not interest? don't reply.
The bigger the list, the higher the price soon :).  

Why Pick Our Service? Because ..

We will never ask your password or spam. 100% Secure and trusted.
100% Human Followers via Facebook List. Not Bot or Hack.
The cheaper followers service on the market.

Only if Interest!

- Comment or Pm your Facebook Link / ID and How much Followers you want buy.
- I will send you my account number or Paypal details once I read your message.
- Once I confirm and received your payment, then I'll proceed the followers service.
- Please keep any transaction details, screenshot as your own proof as I will keep mine too.
- Delivered within 2-4 days as mentioned. # Facebook # followers.

What is Facebook Follower via list? How do we got so many huge facebook followers?
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by SN Sherafie Izuan.


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